About Us

We’re Wichita’s Premier Healthcare IT Provider

Providing Comprehensive IT and Compliance Services for Healthcare Practices

Integris Technology Group helps healthcare providers deliver better patient care through efficient use of their personnel and office technology. We offer expert information technology and consulting services to practices of all sizes, freeing our clients from the burden of technology management so they can focus on patient care.

Our custom service packages help you deliver the best patient experience without exceeding your budget. We’ll protect your data with enterprise-class cybersecurity tools, help you stay compliant with HIPAA regulations, and provide 24/7 monitoring and support to resolve issues quickly.

Our Core Values

We value character above all else, and we rely on the application of ten core principles to guide our actions and create long-term value.

  • Icon-01 Have the courage and character to always act with honesty, good faith, and virtue.
  • Icon-02 Comply with all laws and regulations.
  • Icon-08 Be passionate, dependable, and humble.
  • Icon-03 Treat everyone with dignity, respect, and sensitivity.
  • Icon-04 Deliver an outstanding customer experience.
  • Icon-07 Seek and share the best knowledge and ideas.
  • Icon-05 Empower individuals to realize their full potential.
  • Icon-06 Seek and develop ways for us to improve and deliver more value to our customers.
  • Icon-09 Pursue lifelong personal growth, self-improvement, and fulfillment.
  • Icon-10 Simplify.